My 10-year-old wears makeup, and I’m (mostly) fine with it

Read Dr. Roni’s thoughts on young girls and makeup – Chicago Tribune article

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To Reduce Kids’ Anxiety, Stop Telling Them How Great They Are

Dr. Roni’s latest HuffPost Blog

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Use Rejection to Prepare Teens for College

We’re preparing teens to get into college, but not to survive or thrive once they get to campus

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Reclaiming High School Students’ Health and Happiness

“With the stresses teens experience today, fatigue, colds, and flus are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg”, says Dr. Roni Cohen-Sandler in her HuffPost article.

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Helping Kids Conserve Their Self-Control

Read Dr. Roni’s Huffpost article on how to help kids conserve their self-control

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Watch Dr. Roni’s TV interview on Teen Kids News

Dr. Roni discusses the mother-daughter relationship during her interview on Fox’s Teen Kids News

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The Mother-Daughter Relationship, for Better or Worse

During her interview with Momenough, Dr. Roni explores some of the underlying reasons for mother-daughter tension, as well as strategies for ensuring that your mother-daughter relationship survives and thrives through the teen years

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Moms Don’t Owe It to Their Children to Be Pretty

  Some moms feel pressure to look beautiful for their children. Why they shouldn’t give in. Heidi Stevens . Contact Reporter There I was, sweating on the treadmill at the Tribune gym, not wondering what my kids would think of my running pants, when a more-obnoxious-than-usual makeover segment appeared on TV. A daytime talk show READ MORE

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Why Mothers and Teenage Daughters Fight

The most consistently fraught relationship among relatives is the mother-teenage daughter bond, therapists and family-dynamic experts say. The crux of the problem: A mother often sees her daughter as an extension of herself, while the teen is trying to develop her own independence and individuality.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter? Read What Dr. Roni Has to Say

See what Dr. Roni has to say on the topic in the UK e-magazine, Motherland

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My 10-year-old wears makeup, and I’m (mostly) fine with it


To Reduce Kids’ Anxiety, Stop Telling Them How Great They Are


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