Trust Me, Mom — Everyone Else is Going
The New Rules for Mothering Adolescent Girls

“Trust Me, Mom — Everyone Else is Going” Is this a phrase you have heard before? If it is, the first question you probably asked is “What exactly is my daughter doing, who is she with, and is she safe?”

Every mother is concerned about the social life of her adolescent girl. Besides the age-old worries about whether daughters socialize too little or too much and have the “right” kinds of friends and boyfriends, mothers today must help teens navigate the often scary, uncharted territory of a new social world. “Trust Me Mom — Everyone Else Is Going!” is the survival handbook for mothers of teen girls, from the author of the national bestseller “I’m Not Mad, I Just Hate You!”

Thousands of mothers found reassurance as well as real solutions for mother-daughter conflict in “I’m Not Mad, I Just Hate You!” Now, Roni Cohen-Sandler brings the same sound advice and practical expertise to the issues that erupt around a teenage daughter’s social life. Whether a daughter is nearing puberty or in the throes of adolescence, mothers today anguish over how to make decisions about seemingly endless, daily dilemmas of attitude, curfews, self-image, secrecy, friends, romance, and nightlife. “Trust Me, Mom – Everyone Else Is Going!” offers new rules for parenting teens that build loving, collaborative mother-daughter relationships during the teenage years. Mothers will welcome a helpful five-part approach to parenting teens effectively by using their BRAIN—Being flexible, Respectful, Attuned, Involved, and Noncontrolling with their daughters.

Cohen-Sandler offers mothers a practical and intelligent guide to helping their daughters make smart choices on their own while maintaining a strong mother-daughter relationship, by addressing topics such as:

  • To Snoop or Not to Snoop – being informed while respecting a daughter’s privacy
  • Parties and Partying – staying safe while having fun
  • Body Image and Identity – how they encourage smart social decisions
  • Setting Limits – the fine line between independence

Rooted in psychologically sound principles as well as clinical and personal experience, here is a new model of adolescent parenting for a new generation of mothers and daughters.


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