Should Your Teen Do a Gap Year?

As seniors get college acceptances and rejections, and juniors visit prospective colleges in earnest, I find I’m recommending gap years for many more students than in the past. There are three main reasons for this. One, many teens in my practice don’t seem ready to handle the academic, social, or emotional demands of college. Two, READ MORE

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Maximixing Teens’ Self-Control

From the time your teens and tweens were small, you’ve probably been working on helping them to develop self-control. After all, the ability to resist temptations and inhibit impulses is what keeps them from smacking playmates, taking what’s not theirs, melting down if they don’t get their way, and giving up when schoolwork is hard. READ MORE

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Teen Girls at Risk for Texting Addiction—and its Consequences

Whenever I speak to groups of parents, no matter the ages of their children, the issue of texting always comes up in the Q & A afterward. This makes sense. With teens today using texting as their main way of communicating, mothers and fathers struggle with whether they should be limiting texting—and, if so, how READ MORE

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What “Level” Course is Right for Your Teen?

Now that school is in full swing, your sons and daughters may be complaining about certain courses or wondering if they chose wisely when planning this year’s schedule. Usually the dilemma is whether to be in regular-level classes or step up to APs and Honors. This decision, which is rarely as straightforward as it might READ MORE

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Let Them Be Bored

It’s been only a few days since the last final exams were turned in, summer has not yet officially begun, and yet teens in my practice are already talking about clashes with their parents around not being busy and productive enough. John, for example, puts enormous pressure on himself to get good grades in his READ MORE

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Getting Students Ready for College

While your teens are in high school, like most parents you’re probably trying to help them get into college. This may include encouraging them to keep their grades up, overseeing their extracurricular activities, scheduling their SATs and/or ACTs, and taking them on campus tours. Once the application process starts, you might guide kids toward certain READ MORE

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When Teens and Tweens Are Excluded or Rejected

• Meghan, 16, a pretty, blond cheerleader, was devastated when her best friend suddenly stopped speaking to her. She became depressed and spent months in therapy trying to figure out why this girl had dropped her without so much as an explanation. There had been no words at all—not even a fight; her former friend READ MORE

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Psychoeducational Testing

When Brian, a 10-year-old 4th grader, repeatedly stood up at his desk looking distracted, his teacher recommended that he be tested for an attention deficit disorder. Allison, a 15-year-old high school junior, could never finish tests and quizzes; attributing this to a learning disability, her parents wanted her school to give her extra time for READ MORE

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Discussing Teen Romance

Do you dismiss your teens and tweens’ romances as fleeting and insignificant? Although your children’s crushes might indeed be short-lived, new research suggests it behooves parents to pay attention and talk about it. It turns out that young crushes and romantic attachments are a powerful factor in kids’ development. Here’s the surprising news: Although your READ MORE

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Helping Teens Through the Healing Process

When we think of supporting our teens and tweens through the healing process, what first comes to mind may be soothing their emotional wounds—the inevitable disappointments, rejections, and losses that they will encounter as they grow up. Finding ways to deal with their physical pain may seem a more straightforward and intuitive prospect. Yet it READ MORE

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