Easing Their Stress – Helping Our Girls Thrive in the Age of Pressure.

Teenage girls today are struggling more than ever to live up to enormous, unprecedented expectations to excel—but at what cost?

Stressed Out Girls provides an inside look at how the achievement frenzy is hurting this generation of girls. Trying desperately to shine academically, juggle hectic extracurricular activities, become popular, look great, and get into elite colleges, teenage girls feel compelled to hide their distress from the teachers and families they want to please—and often become disconnected from their true selves in the process. The pressure to “do it all” becomes debilitating—diminishing girls’ self-esteem, motivation, and health, and ultimately undermining their ability to actually be successful.

Stressed Out Girls pinpoints the early warning signs of chronic stress and offers strategies to help boost girls’ resilience and confidence—before they become vulnerable to serious problems like depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse. Based on her clinical work, interviews, and a comprehensive survey of thousands of teens, Roni Cohen-Sandler offers a clear framework for understanding:

  • What is really going on with girls when they underachieve or seem bored by school
  • Why teen girls think being “good” means being “extraordinary”
  • What makes them quit their extracurricular activities
  • Why teen girls feel more stressed-out than boys
  • The five most common at-risk groups: girls in transition, “square pegs,” insecure girls, perfectionistic girls, and girls distracted by personal or family problems
  • Why parents and teachers’ well-intentioned efforts to help often backfire, and what they can really do to relieve stress and facilitate success

Essential reading for girls, parents, educators, and therapists, Stressed-out Girls illuminates an important and timely issue facing this generation, arming anyone who is concerned about a teenage girl with the tools to help her flourish.

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